Sunday, June 10, 2018

Random Sunday Thoughts

Good morning, friends! I'm having a quiet sunday morning -- reading the paper, cruising through blogs via Feedly (I love that app), and in a bit will head upstairs to do some sewing.

Yesterday I got a whole quilt top together, put it on the design wall to admire it, and then realized that I'd put a block section in upside down. See those pale pink star points at the top? I had them reversed. Dang. At least I noticed it before I got it sandwiched and/or quilted, though. I ripped the offending section apart and his morning's first task is to get it sewn together correctly. Ahem. In case you're wondering, the pattern is "Down South" and is a fun mix of pinwheels and stars. I'd sewn a lot of component parts at past quilt retreats, and when I stumbled across them recently in my sewing room, determined to get it finished.

And speaking of random quilt components, I had a bag of half square triangles that were cut-offs from another project, so I decided to put them together for a baby quilt.

So that's also on deck for today.

Last night I went to see RBG with some friends. I love Ruth Bader Ginsberg but I came away from the movie loving her more. What an amazing woman, and how much she has accomplished! And I love that she's become a rock-star celebrity in her 80's. The audience cheered at the end.

Yesterday, Miss C and I celebrated the 2nd birthday of our puppy, Starlie. That 2 years went by fast!

She wore a party hat (briefly), willing to please but not liking it. She did like her "spoiled dog birthday cake," though.

 We wondered if she'd tear into it, but she's a very polite girl. She licked at the frosting and the decorative biscuit "sprinkles" before realizing she could actually chomp on it.

Miss C and I watched with great amusement. She only got the first layer (the size of a human piece of cake, I'd say.) The rest went back to the fridge for future treats. When I came back outside, I discovered that she'd turned into Princess Leia. This picture makes me laugh every time I see it.

 Oh! One more random thing. My library has a sort-of-new thing going where have a small "Lucky Day" shelf next to the regular new book shelves. The "Lucky Day" books are current bestsellers or hot interest books, not reservable so you can find them and get them right away if you're lucky.

I found "An American Marriage" by Tayari Jones which I'd just put on my "to read" list a bit ago, so I felt very lucky indeed! I read it quickly -- engrossing, beautifully written, and loved it.

Back to sewing room for me!

Monday, May 28, 2018

Well, hello there!

 Here it is, Memorial Day already! I was working in the garden this morning -- pruning, tidying, cleaning off the patio, and suddenly the thought crossed my mind that it is time to start blogging again.

It's been a long time. Almost 5 months, in fact. And I'll confess, it's been a rather difficult time. In November, my mom fell and broke her hip and shoulder -- ouch, two big breaks that would be difficult for anyone, but for someone in her eighties, well, it was a rough go. The very good news is that my mom has made a miraculous recovery. She's up and walking and being her feisty self, and we will celebrate her 88th birthday in the next next few weeks.

The very bad news is that my brother died in March, after a battle with metastatic colon cancer. His decline was swift and not easy to see -- but I will always remember the strength and hopefulness and good spirit that he exhibited the whole way through. One of the silver linings to that very black cloud was that I spent a lot of time with him over the last 6 months, and we talked about so many things -- deep, superficial, silly.  It was quite a gift he gave me, allowing me to share that end of life time with him. So, now, there's just a big gap, but I think of him so often and feel him in so many experiences. It's kind of like I'm getting him used to being here in another way, if that makes sense. Anyway, it's another one of those getting-used-to-the-new-normal things for my family. It's a relief to think of him pain-free and running around with his beloved yellow lab who I have no doubt was there to great him.

Anyway. I'm finding that it's taken lot of energy to just get back to normal life. Work has clamored for my attention, so I've been immersed in that pretty much full time.  Creativity has felt like a background presence, instead of the usual front-stage necessity.  I've done a bit of sketching, a bit of sewing, a bit of collage play.  But really, I've been more inclined to sink into an escapist novel or binge-worthy thriller tv series, something that takes me away from my daily life to -- who knows where. 

Working out in the garden today gave me that feeling that summer is just around corner -- or maybe it's here already. It's almost 90 today, and I've already given Starlie Pup the first backyard bath of the season. I'm not sure why, but suddenly it feels like it's time to lift my head up and look AHEAD again.

And blogging is part of that, some how. So stay tuned!