Friday, February 16, 2007

Inactive but productive

After going about my usual business for a few days, I realized that my back was not improving and trotted myself off to the doctor...who advised me to give it some serious rest for a few days. That meant NO bending. No bending to empty the lower drawer of the dishwasher. No bending to empty the drier. No bending to pick up little kid socks on the floor. And, as for some reason sitting in front of the computer seems to add to the strain (do I perch, and not lean back?) I have spent almost no time in front of the computer. Amazing the time I've gained.

As a result, I have spent the last two days being ....well, unbending. Fortunately, sitting in front of the tv feels quite comfy. The Project Linus blankie pile has grown as I made my way to the end of season 6 of the Gilmore Girls.

I've planned out a new project in response to my design class, where the assignment was to choose a atypical palette and work with it. Here's my palette. Notice the total lack of pure, bright color. Eek!

And here's a hint of things to come...

I'm a bit more mobile today but still being careful. Have to be in good shape for our trip to see James Taylor in concert in San Francisco tomorrow night!


  1. Oh, I love batiks! Just looking at that pile of them makes me want to run out to the LQS and get more.

    We'll be making a trip to the San Francisco area soon, is there any chance you could tell me of one or two quilt shops I should try to see while I'm there?

  2. Is that block Buckeye Beauty?? I don't recall.

    When your back is spasmed like that bending or sitting can be painful, though it's sometime helped if the legs are up. Maybe that's why you can't sit comfortably at the computer? (there are reasons I love my laptop. I sit in my recliner and am so comfy and happy).

    Love the colors of your Linus blankies... and the look of your atypical palette. Good to know you filled that class.

  3. I hope your back is better and soon! Good for you stepping up to the challenge of doing something that is different for you. This looks to be turning into something beautiful and serene.

  4. Anonymous6:20 PM

    It was so great to see you today. Great lunch!! Hope you have a great time at the concert

  5. Thank goodness you can at least sit and crochet comfortably. Your Linus blankies are beautiful...and so is the fabric. Hope you're feeling better soon!