Friday, April 20, 2007

Light (pink! sparkly!) out of Darkness

I have been working out my crankiness by quilting my Moon Over the Mountain quilt. I don't know whether I'll ever be able to look at this quilt without thinking of the Virginia Tech shootings, as I was working on it while watched Wednesday's convocation ceremony. I'm thinking I'll call this quilt "Even in darkness, there is light."

But I am off today to do some cheering-up things. I'll stop at the library, where I'll pick up a big stack of books (I love how I can access the catalog online to retrieve books from other branches, or put myself on waiting lists for new books). Then it's over to my sister's house for lunch and a bit of chat and stitching. I'm schededuled for a manicure later this afternoon. And tonight is pizza-and-a-movie night, where we get delicious pizza from our favorite place, rent a family movie (lately we've been introducing Caroline to the original Peter Sellers Pink Panther movies) and eat in front of the tv. Decadence!

Oh, and I'm wearing my $3.99 pink GENUINE PINK GEMSTONE ring. (It looks a little darker in this photo than in real life, but it's still pink and sparkly.)

1 comment :

  1. Diane that is one fabulous moon over mountain block!

    What about: Through darkness there is light?

    Still can't quite believed what happened. The coverage here in Australia has been at saturation levels. I have had to stop reading about it. It's too much.

    Love your genuine sparkler there too!