Saturday, January 31, 2009

Birthday Season

Thanks for all your nice emails, guys -- I've appreciated your good wishes. Life stuff is just so ... relentless, sometimes, isn't it? But friends make all the difference.

We are in our household birthday season. We celebrated C's birthday earlier in the week, trying to cope in as "fun" a way as possible while getting a pile of homework out of the way. Today is my birthday and I am celebrating with an indulgent day of sewing, to be followed by a family pizza night in front of Wall-E. Tomorrow we will go out to our favorite sushi place with some friends. And next week is Roger's birthday, which we will celebrate by going into San Francisco to watch the big Chinese New Year's parade.

Fun! Lots of fun!

I am happy to be back at the sewing machine, finishing my "chair" piece for the Twelve by Twelve challenge. The reveal is tomorrow, so check in there to see the results!

Oh! One more fun thing: Don't forget to check out the Animal Planet channel tomorrow for its annual Puppy Bowl, broadcast during the Super Bowl (who wants to watch football when you can watch frolicking puppies?!) It is the cutest, happiest, smile-makingest thing you can imagine. And then some. They do re-air it after the football game in case you want to see both events, and I think they stream it online for some time too.

Have a fun and puppy-filled weekend -- I know I will!


Terry said...

Happy Birthday Diane! I hope you have a lovely day. Yes, life does get relentless, doesn't it? Sigh. Spring would help, at least on my end. Hope you find some of that joy we're trying to watch for.

JulieZS said...

Happy Happy Birthday Diane! Hope you really enjoy your day.

Kristin L said...

Happy Birthdays!

Helen Conway said...

Oh have a great time! (

Karen said...

Happy Birthday!!Enjoy it all!

StegArt said...

Happy Birthday Diane!!!! I hope your day is fabulous.

Fran├žoise said...

Happy Birthday Diane!!

SueB said...

I thought my sister was the only one with a birthday season, LOL - all three of her children were born in October!

Happy Birthday!

Melody said...

Happy Belated Birthday Diane. How OLD are you? heehee!
I hope your day was festive and delicious.