Sunday, March 15, 2009

Only YOU can prevent endangerment of helpless words!

We are all taking part in one of Caroline's homework assignments this weekend, and we're darn proud of it. In fact, we're ecstasiated to participate. is a site designed to bring disappearing words back into use AND back into the dictionaries. When you go to the site, you can register (which just requires a user name and email address), choose a word, and then adopt it by promising to use it as frequently as possible in conversation and correspondence. It's quite empowering, thinking that you can --through your daily communications -- give life to a withering piece of language. No wonder I'm ecstasiated, yes? (My word: Ecstasiate, to go into ecstasy or cause to become ecstatic.)

You receive (via email) a lovely certificate and can even order a t-shirt proclaiming your chosen word.

So go look, rescue a poor, withering word, and come back and tell me what you've adopted! Please, ecstasiate me!


  1. I have adopted celiberrimous, however, being old and feeble-minded (short term memory loss), I promptly forgot what it means. LOL! I went back to find out and I guess that once a word is adopted, it no longer pops up. A google search provided no clue. I still love the sound of the word.

  2. You can do what Caroline did: write it on the top of your hand so you'll remember to use it! (Hmm, now I've got to go look that one up!)