Sunday, February 06, 2011

Blooming and Growing

A friend called me the other day to ask if I was okay, because I've been so quiet here.  Rest assured that I am fine -- I have just been immersed in daily life and family stuff.  Which, I'm afraid, does not make for interesting blog content.  You don't really want to hear how I struggle with removing stains from clothing and what I made for dinner, do you?

We did have two birthdays in the past week, mine and Miss C's.  Thank you to all who sent birthday wishes -- I had a lovely day and my birthday gift will be to spend a few quilting retreat days at my favorite retreat site, Bishop's Ranch, next week.  And Miss C turned 15, which has us in shock.  But we had an action-packed weekend with birthday events, seeing friends and family and celebrating with lemon cake AND chocolate cupcakes.  Guess which ones were for me!

And I fell down a big homeschooling hole this past week, as Miss C and I worked on adjusting the new biology and world history curricula to make them more fun and interesting.  I am pleased -- you have no idea how pleased I am -- to report that we have settled on an online Biology curriculum that is not only interesting but wildly entertaining, and that I'm finding great history resources to liven things up along the way.  I have discovered that Miss C is a visual/auditory learner so I've had fun hunting down videos from the library and Netflix and other places to keep us stimulated.  I get so excited when I start cruising the websites at the History Channel and the Biography Channel and -- there are wonderful, wonderful educational tools out there to make things interesting.  For the current ancient China unit, for example, along with textbook reading and some written projects, we'll watch "In the Footsteps of Marco Polo," and another video that tours the inside of the Forbidden City and another video about the emperor who had the terra cotta warriors and the great wall made.   I can hardly wait, actually.

So, nothing dire here going on, just school and paperwork and laundry and grocery shopping and all that sort of thing... not to mention the occasional bit of time outside, as it has been in the 70's here and everything in the yard is starting to bloom.

Happy February!


  1. I was just helping Miss Mia do some research on a constellation for a report. I was amazed at the wealth information we could find my googling. I wish we had had the resources when my kids were in school. I cannot believe that C is 15! A belated Hippo Birdy to her.

  2. The internet is amazing. I have been printing worksheets for Sofia to color and learn her letters. I told Emily she did not have to send her to preschool. We have the whole curriculum right here.