Sunday, July 29, 2012


I've mentioned before how much I like my portable design wall.   One day last week, I decided to set  it up in the bedroom and lay out the blocks I've been piecing.  Fun!  I spent a lovely afternoon moving things around and arranging fabrics so there weren't random clumps of one color or similar prints lined up next to each other.

And then I got interrupted.  So what else is new.  And that night, because it was a rather warm summer night, I clicked the ceiling fan onto "high," and rolled over and went to sleep.

Yep, this is what I found in the morning. 



  1. Ooooh-no! I like my portable design wall too---but, it's moments like this that remind you what it's capable of doing if you don't use some straight pins.
    I remember up at retreat when my flannel had a problem. Some sort of warp thing going on with it.
    Pat M. and I had carefully laid out her blocks (just like you did)--- it suddenly it came to life (warp speed!) and flung all the blocks across the aisles--everywhere!
    I've since got a new flannel for it.
    Maybe you took a picture? and can get the blocks all back in position. It's a beautiful design! I love all the colors with the white!

  2. Well yes indeed that made me laugh. I can't tell you how many times that has happened to me but the culprit has usually been a big black curious nose or an exuberant long brown tail!

  3. Oh My! Been there, done that too!

  4. It's no longer FUNtastic, rather FANtastic. The fan blew it all away and messed it up.
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