Monday, February 04, 2013

Random Thoughts From a Fevered Weekend.

Do I have the flu? Or an ordinary head cold? If I feel like this, does it matter knowing what it is?

Chicken soup never tastes as good when I make it myself.

Changing the sheets on the bed is one of those annoying jobs (especially when the bed is against a wall) but it is SO worth it to climb into a bed with fresh sheets. I marvel over my friend DB who changes the sheets on her bed EVERY SINGLE DAY.

A certain dog who happens to be wearing a big cone on her head (Two knees. Three knee surgeries. Just sayin'.) managed to wedge the edge of the cone under her full dinner dish and flip the whole thing over. Let's hope this is not a new dinner time game.

On Project Runway, when a designer claims directly to the camera, "I am better than everyone here and I am going to win this thing, " you have a good idea of who will crash and burn and leave in that episode. The editors' subtle idea of irony, I guess.

Is it actually possible to have all of the laundry done? For half a day, maybe? Clearly I am dreaming BIG.

Puffs are softer than Kleenex. My nose knows.

A certain cat in the household likes to chew on tulip leaves but will leave other cut flowers alone. What is THAT about?

I seem to be obsessed with the idea of putting buffalo check curtains in the living room. But my mind boggles when I calculate how much fabric I would need. I'll worry about that tomorrow.


  1. It should be clear that in this case, DB is not me. Not by a long shot. Hugs to you and Gema.

  2. I am also contemplating curtains on 4 seven foot tall windows and the amount of fabric, ohhhh nooo. Hope your days get better, winter cannot last forever! I hope...