Thursday, May 09, 2013

Artistic Problems

I haven't been spending that much time in the sewing room since I finished "Serenity," but I did make another quilt recently,  about two weeks ago.  I wrote last time about the community chorus I'm in and our party to celebrate the chorus's 25th anniversary and the director's retirement.  As a thank you from the chorus, I made this quilt for her. The green fabric in the border and the block backgrounds has pale music staffs and notes -- very soft and pretty.  On the back are a photo of the full chorus and everyone's signatures.  Making this was truly a labor of love.  I was happy to see her delight at receiving it, too. 

Meanwhile, though, I've been spending more time drawing and painting.  It is remarkably reassuring to me to know that this is all learnable, and to be seeing progress.  At my April ranch retreat recently, I too time to do a bit of outdoor sketching, which was very enjoyable.

I even attended an urban sketcher's "sketch crawl, hosted by local artist Richard Sheppard, right here in my own town.  I had such a good time meeting fellow sketchers, getting tips and new ideas, and being out and about sketching with others.  I sat myself on a benchand did a page spread featuring our local corner candy store.

And just to keep myself going, I've been participating in a challenge called "Every Day in May" where the task is to draw or paint something (duh) every day in May to a daily topic.  It's been very fun and I've surprised myself a few times.

I was pretty happy with both of these.  But mainly I'm just having fun doing them. Tomorrow's theme is "Something Creepy" which had me stumped for a bit as all I could think of was spiders and I didn't want to paint one of those.  Here's what I'll post in the group tomorrow:

Yeah, I hate clowns.

Now I'm torn... when I have time, do I sew? Do I sketch with pen and ink? Do I paint?  Such problems.


  1. I don't have any answers for you or even any suggestions. Just save time for blogging - your blog is one of my favorites. Love, Del

  2. I too struggle to do all the painting and sewing (quilts) and knitting.....and reading. If I could choose one instead of so many...but haven't been able to yet!

    Now to,read more of your blog!