Saturday, December 21, 2013


Using a lot of these:

Yep, a lingering cold. But at least they are Christmasy!


(Our chorus closed our holiday concerts with this very arrangement and I'm still singing it around the house. Beautiful!)


A whole lot of Hallmark holiday movies.  They're sappy but I love them.


 Lots to think about in this book.  I love her writing, as well as her approach to spirituality.


I am loving the Instrumental Holiday music channel for quiet evenings in front of the fire.


 I made a big pot of vegetable soup the other day -- with lots of red pepper flakes so the spiciness will clear up this cold!  Delicious!


 Having the tree and holiday decorations up.  So cheery and festive.  I love the holiday glow.

I hope you're "currently" enjoying the wonders of the season!



Dana said...

I'm a huge fan of Hot and Sour Soup to burn a cold out of me. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Annie Smith said...

A dear friend gave me a copy of Help, Thanks, Wow this year. What a fantastic book! I'm glad that you found it too ; )