Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Grace and Frankie

I've been a big fan of Jane Fonda since way back.  So I was quite excited to hear that she and Lily Tomlin were making a series for Netflix -- and with Sam Waterston and Martin Sheen, even.  What a cast!  It started airing this past week, and I've watched the first 5 episodes.  And I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin play wives of law firm partners Sheen and Waterston, who learn in the first episode that their husbands are leaving them because they've been having a 20-year long affair with each other.  They are totally different personalities -- Fonda's character is proper and elegant and brittle, Tomlin's is an unconventional, hippyish artist -- but they are united in their shock. 

Watching them, and the men, and all of their adult children, navigate this new minefield is pretty entertaining.  But the highlight is just seeing Fonda and Tomlin together -- funny and wry and remarking on aging and marriage and starting over. 

I think I'm going have to start rationing the remaining episodes to only one a night.  There are just 13, although there is talk of a second season. 

And I may have to start the episodes all over just to look at the sets -- all that beautiful furniture AND a funky beach-side art studio, too!


  1. i love the club chairs in the beach house - is that an orange and white suzani pattern? I wish I could find it! I also love the Ikat dishware! I need to find both!

  2. It is hilarious, but at times a "bit too much information" is given, as they say! Wow, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin look so great. I did watch all the episodes. Interesting ending.

  3. Mary, I love that house too! Looks like heaven! And Angie, I agree. Both women look fantastic. I can't believe how good Lily Tomlin looks with long hair!