Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Bees' Secret

Today was the deadline for entering our local quilt show. I only remembered this late in the afternoon, and as a result I had to scurry around to get photos of the quilts I wanted to enter and fill out the form so I could deliver them to one of the sponsoring guild's meetings tonight. Last year I managed to miss the deadline entirely, distracted as I was by a massive work I was determined to put a few things in it this year.

Which brings me to this quilt, which I've not shown here before. It's one of the ones I'm entering, so it's a new photo. Last year, our guild's challenge was to make a quilt inspired by or illustrating a book. I'd just read "The Secret Life of Bees" by Sue Monk Kidd... a truly wonderful, thought-provoking, and charming book. I did this with a freezer paper applique type method and rubber stamped the was a fun project that stretched me as I'd not done anything like it before. I love the irregular shape of it.

I had a marvelous time today, working all day planting new plants in the front yard. I added two plants which will hopefully grow up and hide an expanse of fence: a lilac hibiscus that has the most mesmerizing, spiral-unfolding flowers...and a bright pink climbing rose bush called "social climber." And I planted a tiny, red-leafed japanese maple at the corner of the house... I love japanese maples, and they're SO expensive. This was the largest one I could justify buying, so it's pretty small...but still elegant. Our soil is clay, studded with rocks and nails and concrete bits from the not-so-tidy construction crew when they built the house, so digging is downright nasty. I can't even tell you how many trowels I've bent. But I'm persevering and our formerly bare, new, blank yard is starting to look almost lush with flowers and shrubs.


  1. I also read "The Secret Life of Bees" a few months ago. I don't necessarily enjoy all the books that are making the "book group" rounds, but this was worth the read.
    I really like your quilt! I wish I could see it better, my computer is not showing me all the varieties in the browns or the quilting. Good for you for entering it!
    Gardening is ALWAYS worth it. Jen

  2. Love the irregular shape, like a broken old fence that is shifting in mid air.

  3. I too like your bees quilt, even if it is brown! I'd like to know how you chose to finish the uneven edges, since that is so often a choice of my students. I usually tell them to narrowly zigzag the edge.
    I would enjoy a picture of your newly planted yard too.

  4. Hey I like brown! This is a great quilt. I love it -- an amazing blend of techniques, colors and design. And I was wondering about the edges too. Too soon to plant new stuff in Maine, but my gardening friend expert is coming over next week to help make plans for our blank yard. I loved Secret Life of Bees. SMKidd has just released a new novel. Anyone up for a AQR reading group?