Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Craft Meme

Today at my Practical Design workshop, Marilyn asked us about the various fiber arts we've been involved with over our lives, and especially what we did first as kids. It was fascinating as we went around the room talking about the various crafts we'd explored and how we landed on quilting as an art form.

And that started me thinking that it's the perfect topic for a meme. (Ooh, I'm originating one!) If you want to play, just copy and paste the list below into your own blog entry, and BOLD the ones that you've done at some time in your life.

I'll bet we've all tried most of them. But maybe not.

So-- BOLD the items if you've done the activity MORE THAN THREE TIMES (that is, more than experimenting or making one thing and abandoning the craft...) And post here in the comments so I can go look at your blog to see what you've done!



Counted cross stitch

Tatting lace


Pot holder weaving (with those stretchy knit loop things)

Spool knitting

Finger knitting

Sewing on cardboard or plastic cards

Sewing adult women's clothing

Sewing men's clothing

Sewing children's clothing

Home decorating sewing (curtains, pillows, slipcovers, etc.)




Spinning yarn

Needle felting
Hmmm...haven't gotten to this yet but I have the supplies!

Wet felting
See above!

Lanyard weaving

Making doll clothes

Making dolls

Making stuffed animals

Liquid embroidery (remember THAT?!)

Basket weaving

Hand piecing fabric

Machine piecing fabric

Hand applique

Machine applique

Fusing fabric

Once was enough.

Making yarn pom-poms

Making yarn flowers (with a daisy maker)

Other fiber craft/art (specify)


takinanap said...

hi diane. first time at your blog. i like this idea. my blog has similar categories listed on the side for visitors to click on. here are my basic favorites:


Deborah said...

How could you forget latch hooking?!

Claire said...


Just seen your blog for the first time - thought I would let you know what I am into - embroidery (vintage 40's and 50's patterns are my favourite - not cross stitch!) crochet and knitting, although I have done a lot of felt making, papermaking and applique/ bonding and layering type things. I mainly now make things I am trying to sell in my online shop (when it gets set up!).

Will pop back again


Anonymous said...

in addition to quilting: knitting, crochet, cross stitch (not too much these days) beading (ditto)photography, stained glass, learning to do digital scrapbooking.