Thursday, February 07, 2008

Cats and more cats

After a solid week of rain last week, we have been enjoying bright sunshine. We made the most of it yesterday by heading up to the ranch after school to visit the horses.

I've mentioned before, I think, that there is an uncountable number of cats hanging around up there. The ladies who own the ranch moved in with 4 neutered cats, but they live in a rural area where feral cats roam and cold-hearted people have been known to drop entire litters of kittens off to fend for themselves. Because these ladies feed them (and gather them up for trips to the vet for health checks and neutering from time to time), they've made themselves at home there. There are cats almost everywhere you look.

So we were not the only ones out enjoying the sun. The cats were out in full force, lolling and basking. They were on the roof of the shed...

and on the hood of the truck...

and following us around to lounge on the ground...

Clearly, the car hood option was the majority's choice for primo napping.

A few just watched from the shade, wary of us.

And this shy little one stayed in hiding.

This fellow found a comfy spot in the sun in the middle of some nice, springy bushes. Do you think we can't see him because he's hiding behind that sprig of leaves?!

With all the picture taking of the cats, the horses got jealous and demanded to be photographed too. So, here's Ranger...

and here's Romance.


  1. Lovely pictures! One can feel that rain was not far away and that everyone is enjoying the sun.

  2. What wonderful photos! I can feel that warm spring sun!

  3. It's either your new camera or your increasing skill -- your photos are so good.