Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Monoprinting on fabric results

Thought I'd post the results of my monoprinting on fabric with thickened dye. I think I mentioned earlier that to thicken the dye, I mixed sodium alginate (a thickener from Jacquard), some urea and water. Then I mixed procion dye powder straight in, and printed onto PFD fabric that I'd previously soaked in soda ash solution.

You can see the cool pattern made by the dye beading up on the plastic. I actually liked that pattern better than the various line experiments I was playing with.

So eventually, I just started painting fast strokes of dye on the plastic to get that pattern.

I cured these by stacking them up with plastic grocery bags between them so they'd stay moist, and left them overnight.

I wondered if the color would fade when I washed them out, but it's very strong color. Which I wanted.

I'm still not sure the mess was worth the result, though. I guess that's what experimenting is all about.

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