Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bugs Ahead

I am SO not a bug person.

But I have this new super-duper macro lens, and I went out in the backyard this afternoon to see what sorts of close-up things I could find. And I found bugs.

You know, up close some of them have a fair amount of personality.

I mean, doesn't that guy look like a character from a Pixar movie? With voice by Abe Vigoda?

Then again, I discovered that it doesn't pay to look TOO close.

[Photo removed because it just kept grossing me out. I told you I'm not a bug person.]

I found these critters feasting on a rosebud. YUCK. Guess I'll go to the nursery tomorrow to find out how to keep these little buggers away.

I'd rather take pictures of the flowers, anyway.


Mary said...

Wow, your new lens gives you the feeling of actually being there! Wonderful photos!

Vivian Love said...

I don't like bugs either. In fact we had our house sprayed the other day....anyway you have an amazing camera!