Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Good Life

The other night, Roger and I were lingering at the kitchen table after dinner. Caroline had gone upstairs to immerse herself in a drawing project, we'd fed the dog so she had stopped chasing her tail to get our attention, and we were enjoying another glass of wine and quiet conversation. The sun was setting, and as the sun shone into the room across the table, we noticed an amazing shadow on the kitchen wall.

We ran for our cameras, and I captured this shot. Nothing was posed or changed in photoshop-- this is really the shadow that appeared.

Magical, I think! Just yesterday, I happened upon an interview with psychic James van Praagh, who said something like "Coincidence is God's way of remaining invisible." And that thought sprang into mind when this shadow appeared. Roger and I remind each other at times that, although we so easily get bogged down in the day-t0-day-ness of school and work and childrearing and house maintenance and such, we live an amazing life in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

To have our dinner scene reflected back at us, to show us the beauty in the moment, was a lovely gift.


  1. That's an amazing picture - how great that you managed to capture the moment.
    I sat on my balcony watching a partial eclipse of the moon for hours yesterday and it never even occured to me to go get my camera...

  2. W.O.W.!
    The image reminds me of the illumination project. Literally and metaphoricaly!

  3. That is just lovely.

  4. That is beautiful and I think your post is a beautifully written, makes me reflect and also see the rich and beautiful life my life is. Thanks.