Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Kitties Always Help

It's not easy being a seventh grader, and Miss C is experiencing some angst about school and friendships and adolescence. So today after school we made a stop at our local animal shelter where C is a well-known and long-time volunteer kitty cuddler. We love our local shelter -- it's a no-kill shelter, and they really work on socializing the kittens so they'll be good pets. When you're feeling frazzled and emotionally worn down, a room full of kittens will cheer you right up. Trust me.
We plunked ourselves down on the floor and started rolling little balls around. The kittens watch with wild and mesmerized eyes, and cannot resist coming over to play. Inevitably, they end up crawling all over us, purring.
Isn't this one a beauty?
This fellow was fascinated by the camera lens -- seeing his reflection, maybe?

This little girl would love a comfy home for Christmas.

This guy raced around playing with a little felt mousie, and then plunked down to do some serious cleaning business.

This guy spun himself into a frenzy, raced across the room and shot right up the wall. I know how he feels.
C and I came away feeling soothed and contented, and the kitties were tired out and ready for naps. By the way, all of these kitties are available for adoption at the Healdsburg Animal Shelter, if you're in the area and thinking that you could use a furry companion.


  1. Awww! Sending a hug to C. She is growing up!! I wish I could bring at least 2 of those kitties home with me.

  2. How wonderful!! Being around animals is so soothing .... Our shelter, sadly, will not allow children to help with the animals' socialization - my eldest has vague ideas of becoming a vet someday and we're trying to increase his exposure to animals, but finding it rough going.

    Hope your lovely girl finds things going a bit easier for her!

  3. You are such a smart mom! Hold onto those contented moments.

  4. The only problem I have with visiting the animal shelter is that I'd be impulsively inclined to adopt them all! I am such a sucker for kittens and cats. It takes a very special person to be able to volunteer in that capacity.

  5. Hey, Diane- do you mind if I pilfer your awesome pictures and make them into LOLCATZ? I'll make sure your get photo credit.