Thursday, December 04, 2008

Put it in the Book

These day, I'm riding a bit of an emotional roller coaster as Miss C continues to experience all-too-frequent migraines, and is dealing with the messy trials and tribulations of 7th grade girlfriend stuff. Some days I long for toddlerhood, I tell you.
So, I'm continuing to find great pleasure and a zen-like calm with my moleskine notebook, colored pencils, and black marker. I am not creating ART but I am entertaining myself with illustrating moments in the simplest of ways.
Here's a page I did when I was thinking about abacuses (abaci?) in preparation for the 12x12 mathematics challenge...

I came across this quotation in a catalog (Have you seen the Bas Bleu catalog? They have some great stuff for book-lovers) and it seemed all too appropriate.

And then just doodling whatever strikes me.

I highly recommend this activity, and if you're feeling in need of serious self-indulgence, then you can do this while watching appropriately non-educational television (you know, Celebrity Rehab, The Housewives of Orange County, Top Chef...) and sipping tea.
There'll be fabric content again one of these days. Meanwhile, back to those colored pencils...


  1. O gosh Diane, these are WONDERFUL. How I love the graphic arts! I had no idea you were so inclined... I must send you a private email.

  2. It's all art, Diane. How you live your life, what you notice and document as being important in your life. And you'll see your sketchbooks influence your quilts, and vice-versa.

    Continue sketching - it's a joyful experience!

  3. Fantastic! You do not really watch Celebrity Rehab do you?! (Me too.)

  4. I love all these drawings but especially the pins!