Monday, May 09, 2005

It's a miracle!

I finished my contemporary double wedding ring quilt! I'm calling it "Ring Cycle." Here it is, hanging over the master bed.

It turned out amazingly flat, considering how it was when I sandwiched it with the batting and back. I did ditch-stitch quilting at first, then a lot of tight stippling on the background to mash that all down, then I blocked it. And when I say blocked, I mean "stretched the heck out of it!" I really worked and worked to keep mushing it this way and that and pinning, pinning, pinning, until it was flat...THEN I quilted the rings. And, astonishingly, it turned out fine. I thank god for Kathy Sandbach and how much I learned from her in her machine quilting class! (The amazing things that blocking can fix being one of them.)

Here's a detail shot to show how it's quilted:


  1. From your friend who would NEVER do a quilt like this, it really is gorgeous. Hope you bring it to show and tell for a close-up look.

  2. Absolutely great! I love that you went with a different color combo - icy blue with deep scarlet (or so it looks on my screen). It works so well!

  3. It is truly yummy and so neatly done. Like Gerrie I would never attempt a traditional pattern since I cannot make two blocks alike to save my life, but I really really like this quilt.

  4. It turned out super fantastic, Diane. Yay on the blocking working so well! And I love the close-up shot of the quilting.

  5. I have this image in my mind of you jumping up and down on this and laying on it, rolling around on it and, finally (a la a Bugs Bunny cartoon) driving a steam roller over it!!

    It turned out beautiful!!


  6. That is a beautiful, amzing quilt! Love the contrast of colors and the way the rings are "floating" into each other.