Sunday, August 13, 2006

Holiday hangover

No,it's not THAT kind of hangover. We're all suffering from that post-vacation lazy feeling, where we feel stuck on Hawaii time (and thus unable to get up at our normal morning time) and we feel like we'd really rather be sitting around drinking tropical drinks and gazing at the ocean. But real life requires other activities, I'm afraid.

While on Maui, I was able to find a shop in Lahaina that featured needlework and quilting supplies. It wasn't a fabulous shop, geared perhaps to the casual stitcher on holiday who might want to learn basic Hawaiian quilting... but it was fun to browse around and look at the hawaiian style quilting supplies.

I did come away with this book:

It had a range of beautiful quilt in it, as well as interviews with current Hawaiian quilters. AQ blogger Dianna Grundhauser is featured in this book--a lovely surprise! (Do check out Dianna's blog and her link to her website, which features some beautiful quilts.)

I did pick up a few batik fat quarters...

And I couldn't resist some fat quarters of souvenir-ish novelty prints, too.

(Note the pretty blue drink!!)

No quilting action going on yet...I'm still doing laundry and putting away stuff and getting ready for a big work week while Caroline goes to the county animal shelter's "Animal Care" day camp.
Um, and maybe I'll get a nap today, too.


  1. I've been following your Maui adventures with delight-We stayed at the Maui Sheraton and I think I bought a bunch of stuff from the same quilt shop(only quilt shop) in Lahaina. They had to drug me and carry me on to the plane in order to get me to come home-I fell in love with paradise! I totally get the "coming home coma thing" Glad you had fun

  2. Pamdora calls it the laid back virus - I had it last week!

  3. Glad you had a good trip, Diane, and good weather, too! Thanks for the plug on the Contemporary Hawaiian Quilt book. It's a nice one (and I'd say that even if I wasn't in the book!). Aloha,