Monday, August 28, 2006

Welcome, Noobles!

Hey, everyone--take another look at the ring list. We have a whole bunch of noobles! (That's my term for New Blogs, in case you're wondering.)

I should add that those wacky gals Nexium and Celebrex keep applying to the ring, but they don't seem to get much quilting done. Perhaps they have a drug problem?

I thought Christina Aguilera was getting on the art quilt bandwagon, but no, she is just advertising her ringtones to us. Honey, we make our OWN music here.

If you want to check out the noobles, click on "previous" from the ring box on my page (yep, right over there ----->) . Those get you to the newest on the list and keep hitting "previous" from there.

(Now, I have to go rest. Toonfest was FUNFUNFUN and yesterday was a very long day. Stay tuned for Toony pictures.)

1 comment :

  1. Ok, curse you Clover Crinklejinks!! I've been playing in ToonTown since Saturday. (where I'm a multi-colored duck names Princess Clover Feathergrooven.). Still quite a newbie.

    I may even join when I get back from Illinois. (though it's screwed up my display settings twice already).

    Glad you had fun and waiting for the photos.

    Now off to the the webring newbies. Hey, if the Nexium and Celebrex were ring members, do you think we'd get free samples??