Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Getaway

Happy Easter, everyone!

To celebrate, we are leaving springtime behind and heading up to Lake Tahoe and *snow* for a few days. We're being joined by some family friends (yay! Another kid to romp with Caroline in the snow when Roger and I get too cold and tired!) so that'll be very fun. We've packed up books and games and snuggly clothes and we will have a relaxing time.

And, keeping to my new non-fat, non-gallbladder lifestyle, I am enjoying marshmallow Peeps as my Easter treat!

May you all be surrounded by friends and family and sunshine and jellybeans and chocolate bunnies!


Phyl said...

Have fun! Beautiful picture.

teri springer said...

I'm headed for Lake Tahoe (Squaw Valley) tomorrow. At least I am going from snow to snow....not quite so shocking. But I hope I come home to spring on the 4th.....