Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the girl who stopped swimming

I interrupt this series of insubstantial posts to tell you something important:


It's "the girl who stopped swimming" by Joshilyn Jackson, and it's fantastic. No surprise, really, everything she writes is fantastic. But this? I couldn't put it down.

It's the story of Laurel (a quilt artist!) who is sorting out her relationships with her husband, daughter, sister, mother, and past when a death occurs. It's about seeing and not seeing, about how family members support and undermine each other, how mothers and daughters protect and wound each other ... and more. I love Joshilyn's amazing prose -- lilting and funny and clever -- and I found myself slowing myself down to savor the beautiful writing.

After you read this (and you must! Immediately!) go read her other books if you haven't already -- "gods in Alabama" and "Between, Georgia." They're both wonderful. (Although this one might be my favorite. Or "gods in Alabama." I'm not sure.)

And then head on over to Faster than Kudzu, author Joshilyn's blog which will keep you charmed and laughing for hours.

We now return to our regularly scheduled inanity.


  1. So glad to find another lawyer/mom who loves photography!

    The book sounds great. I'll definitely check it out. What is it about mothers & daughters? It's such a complicated relationship!

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  3. thanks for the suggestion on good books to read - I'm always on the lookout for a good one!
    Maybe my library will have it... hhmm,, something for tomorrow!