Thursday, October 02, 2008

Here's to you, Sarah

Roger and I have been looking forward to tonight for weeks. It's the long awaited debate between the vice-presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin. Call me an optimist, but I expect that the evening will finally and fully reveal Sarah Palin to be severely underqualified for the VP job, and demonstrate just how poor McCain's judgment has been in choosing her. We have a video for Caroline to watch upstairs, we're doing take out pizza and a bottle of a favorite red, and we're eating in front of the TV. I don't want to miss a moment.

Of course, I can't help but see any thing that comes out of Sarah Palin's mouth these days as more comedic fodder for Tina Fey and SNL. As if Palin weren't funny (in a depressing sort of way) enough all by herself.

In law school, the popular drinking game was watching reruns of the Bob Newhart show, and swigging a gulp of beer anytime anyone said "Bob!" And I was thinking -- the appropriate game for tonight, I think, would be taking a swallow every time Sarah says "maverick." I'm guessing that'll be her "safety" word.

Wanna bet how many times she says it?!?!


Gerrie said...

I sure hope you are right!! I am worried that because of the format, she will come out with a bunch of sound bites that she has memorized and we still won't hear an unfiltered Sarah answering questions.

solje said...

The drinking game was about hearing the words change or hope for the last debate. I was disappointed not to even have a swallow :-)

Regardless of who wins this election, I am thoroughly disgusted, depressed, and unnerved with all of our politicians right now. I don't know the answer, except I don't see life getting any better.

Dianne said...

Hoo-boy, Diane, we'll be right there watching with you. However, as it's 11AM on Friday here in Aussieland, I guess we'll have to forego the glass of red until this evening. I HOPE we'll then be celebrating Palin's absolutely timely political demise!

imquilternity said...

Same exact thing planned for this evening at our house, although it's difficult to listen to her insultingly ignorant answers to not only VERY important questions, but even just questions about what she reads without cringeing. My mouth has never hung open in disbelief as much as it has since she was introduced at the repub national convention.

BTW, the New Yorker has endorsed Obama today! Read the excellent article at

Kim said...

I'm gettin' my popcorn ready! ;o) Should be entertaining, to say the least. I've got my Mineral Ice at the ready to ease my neck and shoulder muscles from all the cringing I'm sure I'll be doing! :o)

Miles Johnson said...

I've got the box recording it for posterity. As solje said, I've about had it up to here (waving hand right over head) with the politics of this nation and this joke/travesty/farce of an election. However, I've been doing a lot of googling, reading and *gasp* even learning about other candidates and where they stand with issues that concern me. Still, after I've snuggled in bed I plan on watching dear Sarah (coughpuppetcoughmanchuriancandidatecough) make a fool of herself.
Again, amazing work on Shelter.
Take Care!!!

Diane said...

Here's my scorecard:
Mavericks: 6
Winks: 3
Inappropriate smiling: too often to count
Snarking criticism said with a big smile: too often to count
Frightening and constitutionally dangerous alignment with views of Dick Cheney: 1
Reference to abortion, Roe v. Wade, supreme court: 0
Straight, unscripted answers to moderator's actual question: 0

JulieZS said...

Good scoring. Those winks really unnerved and disturbed me. Does she think it is a joke, or a game, or is she just trying to be cute(r)? VP Winky, just what we need. Not!
Biden rocked though, he was way better than I thought he'd be and was not condescending whatsoever (pshew) or mean. She however was snarky, condescending (as if!) and rude to him. Part of a pair with McCain.
Final thought: can there really be such a thing as a "Team of Mavericks"?

Terry said...

Dismal, wasn't it? I wish I'd thought to make "nukuler" my take a swig word. I didn't count them, but she made me cringe every time she said it and it seemed like a lot. I laughed out loud when she called her opponent "Senator O'Biden." She's been taking elocution lessons from W, I think.

leslie said...

i agree with everything everyone has said. the "winks" were over the top horrific. what a nightmare! if they win i dont think i (or this country) will ever recover.


Anonymous said...

I am curious.......does everyone that supports Obama and Biden really only hear their opponents mistakes and poor speeches? I guess only the opposing candidates are the ones that ever mispeak. I believe Biden had a few of his own silly comments and according to some people he is more qualifed to be VP than Sarah Palin was. He has been in Washington a LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG time! If the same rule is applied to Biden that was applied to Palin, he would not be qualified either.

I hope everyone strives to be well informed of the political machines, and not spoon fed from bias reports and "news shows". It is a challenge for an American to really grasp the true picture of a candidate because most people find it difficult to remain detached emotionally. Could I honestly report on the candidate that I opposed in an election? Could you? Well obvisouly neither can the folks who reportedly report the "news" and write the headlines. What a challenge to be a truthfully informed American. We all want to believe in the hopes and dreams of our hearts and not the reality that surrounds us. Besides our brave men and women and their families who fight and die for our freedoms, my hero would be any brave American that is willing to see the truths on both sides of the aisle.