Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ira Glass on Doing and Getting Better

I LOVE Ira Glass.(If you are not from the US, he is a public radio broadcaster who hosts a wonderful weekly radio show called "This American Life."  It's a bit of everything, short radio stories on a particular theme each week.  You can find a free podcast of TAL on Itunes and you can livestream episodes at the TAL site.  Go search for the "Fiasco!" episode and prepare to laugh until you cry.)

Anyway.  Ira Glass gave some talks about broadcasting, but among them is his discussion of how to keep doing what you do to push forward through the "I'm not as good as I want to be" phase.  It's very inspirational and speaks to any creative pursuit.

I do love Ira Glass.


  1. I love him, too. Even Miss Mia does not miss an episode - it is part of her Saturday.

  2. I saw this awhile back, but thanks for reminding me! It is worth a second viewing. I also love Ira and TAL. I have podcasts of TAL on my iPod and was listening at the gym one time, while walking on the treadmill. Suddenly I found myself crying at a story about a young man meeting the family of the teenager whose heart he had received as a transplant. I'm sure the other people at the gym thought I was having a nervous breakdown! Now I try to just listen to funny ones in public.

  3. I listen to TAL podcasts religiously, often while quilting. The time flies by! I still remember the first time I saw Ira Glass on TV-- was surprised to find he's very tall--I had thought for sure he had a 'short' voice (!) Anyway, thanks for the clip-- I had not seen it. I'm still surprised how often says "like" here-- I'll have to pay more attention to see if he does that in actual broadcasts!

  4. I love TAL and try to spread the word whenever I can. Ira and his whole staff never fail to knock it out of the park. Thanks for sharing this Diane!