Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Look at Sonora

I spent last week up in Sonora, a charming town smack-dab in the middle of California Gold Country.  My sister came with me, and together we did a whole lot of exploring and picture-taking and sketching and reading and general relaxing.

Did I mention a whole lot of pictures? I took a lot.  And I'm sure you'd like to see some glimpses of Sonora, wouldn't you?

My sister and I had mexican food at the table just inside this window, by the way.

Can you see me in the reflection here?

 You gotta love a town that has a School of Sewing, and with a sign this cool:

 And speaking of signs...


  1. Love your photos Diane. Love the locality. I grew up in Gold Country. I'm always sad that Santa Rosa chose long ago to destroy some of the beautiful buildings instead of preserving them and restoring them while other towns, like Sonora have kept so many lovely memories.

  2. What a gorgeous town Diane! I can see you had lots of architectural wonders to capture in your sketchbook. Nice that you could share it with your sister too.