Thursday, August 07, 2014

Jumping Frogs Packed

In a few days, I'll be hitting the road for a little adventure.  I can't wait!   I should be cleaning house and doing laundry and getting things in order before I leave.  However, I have my priorities.

I spent yesterday making a travel journal just for this little trip.   And this time, I've tried to restrain myself and leave lots of open space for gluing thing in and journaling and, eventually, adding photos.

So where am I headed?  Off with my sister to explore the California gold country!

We'll be staying in this cozy cottage and venturing forth from here each day.  We've not been to this area since we were kids so we're eager to see it all again. 

Adventure, here we come.  Jumping frogs packed and ready.


  1. We lived in Pioneer (Amador County, above Volcano) for 9 years, Diane, and it's a wonderful area. If you get a chance, have dinner one evening in Volcano at the Volcano Union Pub...excellent! Mark and Tracey Berkner are the owner/chefs, and they also own Taste in Plymouth, a more upscale fancier restaurant that is also outstanding. Have fun!

  2. Enjoy your holiday, Diane. Looking forward to the sketches that you will both create and paint.

  3. I don't think I can ooh and aah enough at how good this sounds and how scrumptious your journal looks! Jelly!

  4. Diane
    This Aussie reader has been reading with great interest of your upcoming trip. Please take time to visit Oakhurst and view the Quilt blocks/quilt trail
    My dear online friend Vivian Helena ,who lives in Coarsegold has blogged of it and urges people to visit Timberline Gallery! Happy travels!

  5. Travel safely my friend and enjoy every day with your sister!