Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Time to Blog

Welcome to "Going to Pieces!" I've been wanting to begin a blog for some time now, and I've finally decided to jump right in.

I'm Diane, a 40-somethingish wife, mother, lawyer and artist. I live in Healdsburg, California...That's about an hour north of San Francisco, in gorgeous Sonoma County and "the other" (non-Napa) wine country.

What's with the title, "Going to Pieces"? Well, it covers a lot about my life these days. Most obviously, I'm an avid quilter. My husband, R., frequently says that while he loves the result of my quilting, he simply can't understand the appeal of cutting fabric into pieces and then reassembling it. I think it's fascinating, actually. Quilting and creating recharges my spirit, reconnects me to something inside that I need to function, and enables me to breathe. But more than the quilting meaning, I like viewing my life as a mosaic of important parts...my family, my friends, my work, my hobbies, my thoughts, my activities...I don't usually do just one or two things in any one day (does anyone?). Some days, I'm so torn between being a mom, a wife, a home-keeper, a lawyer, and a sane person that I do feel a bit fragmented! Mostly, that's in a good way.

Today, I'm in my home office with intentions of working and the knowlege that I'll let myself play a bit, too. My office at home is a bedroom. One corner is my "work" corner...my computer, files, book shelves, and stacks of paper that represent the incoming/"to do" work. In another corner is a big table with my sewing machine at the ready, so I can sew whenever I get the urge. Storage is at a premium in here...which is why there are usually baskets of fabric on the floor. (My theory is that loose stuff looks better if it's in an attractive basket...) It's a tight squeeze, and no matter how much tidying I do in here, it almost always looks messy...But it's comfy and it gives me a space in which I can close the door and lose myself in whatever I'm doing.

Here's the computer corner of my office. Good lord, it doesn't look this messy while I'm sitting in the middle of it, but this looks like a disaster. Maybe I'd better do some tidying before I start real work!
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Here's the sewing corner. As is, this very morning. Also a mess. Sigh. Posted by Hello


Hours later...well, I spent some time cleaning and sorting. Put lots of papers away, organized some fabric, got rid of trash...and truth to tell, it looks better, but not THAT much better. I guess I just have a lot of clutter in here. However, I did help Caroline with her horse breeds book report, and I cooked kung pao spaghetti for dinner which was quite the success. So I'm happy.