Saturday, June 25, 2016

Drive-About, 2016

Hi, friends --

I'm all packed. I've vacuumed and done all of the laundry and emptied all of the garbage cans. I'm ready to hit the road first thing tomorrow morning.  Miss C and I are headed north, through Oregon, to explore Whidbey Island again. I had such a great time last summer that I had to go back.

So, I'm planning on about 9 days of:
    Staring at the water and sky
    Day dreaming
    Reading beachy novels
    Reading a few good magazines
    Perusing the new sketching book by John Muir Laws
    Starting the painting -with-gouache one class that I couldn't start last week
    Doing some watercolor painting
    Taking Miss C to visit a friend who lives up there
    Taking the ferry over to Port Townsend to visit friends and poke around
    Hanging with a friend who will come over from Seattle for a few days
    Possibly meeting up with a very dear girl who is like a sister to Miss C -- from the same orphanage in China!
    Eating some great fresh seafood
    Wandering along the beach and picking up driftwood bits and sea shells

I have no idea how I can pack it all in, but I will surely try. Oh, and I guess we'll probably see some holiday fireworks in there, too!

Have a great holiday, and be sure to squeeze in some summer daydreaming time for yourself, too!