Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter!

 If the Magic Easter Tree is blooming, it must be Easter!  This is a dogwood tree in my friend Beth's backyard (in Sacramento, California -- sorry to all of you who are still walking on frozen ground!), and it somehow manages to bloom just in time for Easter every year, no matter whether Easter is in March or April.  It's magic, clearly, hence our name for it.  

The little baby blossoms are exquisite, dainty little cups that seem to open a bit more every minute.  I can't seem to stop taking pictures of them.

There are other flowers blooming the yard too -- here's a gorgeous camellia that makes me think of strawberry swirl ice cream. 

I'm here to help Beth for a few days as she recovers from foot surgery.  So she is sitting with her foot propped up high, and I'm fetching things and plumping pillows and bringing medications on schedule.  Today we got her set up on the back porch so we could enjoy the lovely day while we chatted and poked around on our screened devices.  This is the sort of nursing I like. 

How lovely to be able to just sit and soak up Spring!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

That slow mood

Do you ever have times where you just feel droopy all day?  I've been in one of those phases. And I've tried chalking it up to a bunch of different things:  the aftermath of the burst of painting and decorating energy I've had, that Daylight Savings' lost hour, the emotional fallout from doing some heavy emotional work via Al-anon ... Or maybe it's just that, since the whole downstairs was in disarray for 10 days, Gemma has come to sleep in my bedroom, and every time I turn over during the night she considers it appropriate to come over to the bed and poke her face at me in delight that I'm there. 

 When I come downstairs in the morning, I make my mug of coffee and go sit in the living room to enjoy the morning sunshine and the new rug and read email, and I've had a few days where I could have just sat there all day reading and napping and waiting for my mom and dad to take their turns in Words with Friends.  Computer games are perfect for moods like that.

But then things need to be done, and I get moving, and I'm happily immersed in planning ahead in the school curriculum and painting the dining room hutch (yes, STILL.  But I'm on the doors which is the last part) and making progress on a new art quilt, and folding laundry.  Well, except for the folding laundry -- that's not something that thrills me but heck, it gets done. 

And by late afternoon, there is time to sit outside in the sunshine while Gemma roams on the lawn.  Those primroses I bought two weeks ago still haven't gotten themselves planted, but heck, I"m enjoying them in their little cartons anyway. 

There's always tomorrow.

Do you have moods like this?  And how do you jostle yourself out of them?