Tuesday, March 19, 2013

That slow mood

Do you ever have times where you just feel droopy all day?  I've been in one of those phases. And I've tried chalking it up to a bunch of different things:  the aftermath of the burst of painting and decorating energy I've had, that Daylight Savings' lost hour, the emotional fallout from doing some heavy emotional work via Al-anon ... Or maybe it's just that, since the whole downstairs was in disarray for 10 days, Gemma has come to sleep in my bedroom, and every time I turn over during the night she considers it appropriate to come over to the bed and poke her face at me in delight that I'm there. 

 When I come downstairs in the morning, I make my mug of coffee and go sit in the living room to enjoy the morning sunshine and the new rug and read email, and I've had a few days where I could have just sat there all day reading and napping and waiting for my mom and dad to take their turns in Words with Friends.  Computer games are perfect for moods like that.

But then things need to be done, and I get moving, and I'm happily immersed in planning ahead in the school curriculum and painting the dining room hutch (yes, STILL.  But I'm on the doors which is the last part) and making progress on a new art quilt, and folding laundry.  Well, except for the folding laundry -- that's not something that thrills me but heck, it gets done. 

And by late afternoon, there is time to sit outside in the sunshine while Gemma roams on the lawn.  Those primroses I bought two weeks ago still haven't gotten themselves planted, but heck, I"m enjoying them in their little cartons anyway. 

There's always tomorrow.

Do you have moods like this?  And how do you jostle yourself out of them?


  1. Lots of changes going on for you, dear, and therapy type work is wearing. Your mind and body are speaking to you and all you need to do right now is go with it. An energy burst will definitely follow the rest!

  2. From my own experience, slow days come with the territory when you're working through tough emotional stuff. You are allowed to rest and pamper yourself.

  3. Just rest and heal and be patient with yourself and the new rhythm that you are finding in your life. That is hard work of an internal kind.

  4. Well, it sounds like you are enjoying the fruit of your labor, and are tired. I call these types of days my "recharge the battery" day.

  5. Days like this I often call "couch potato" days, even if there is no time spent on the couch. As for jostling out of days like this, usually I go with them for several days...a way of recharging my soul...and then go and start to fondle my fabric stash. Soon I am happily creating and back "in the swing".

  6. Head work is the hardest work there is-- especially when it's been lurking in the background and we've been trying to ignore it unti we can't any longer... Please constantly send yourself the message that you are proud of you, and be ever so gentle with yourself, as gentle, loving, and forgiving as you would be with any dear friend who was going through everything you've gone through.
    There IS serenity to be had on the other side, I promise.