Saturday, June 25, 2016

Drive-About, 2016

Hi, friends --

I'm all packed. I've vacuumed and done all of the laundry and emptied all of the garbage cans. I'm ready to hit the road first thing tomorrow morning.  Miss C and I are headed north, through Oregon, to explore Whidbey Island again. I had such a great time last summer that I had to go back.

So, I'm planning on about 9 days of:
    Staring at the water and sky
    Day dreaming
    Reading beachy novels
    Reading a few good magazines
    Perusing the new sketching book by John Muir Laws
    Starting the painting -with-gouache one class that I couldn't start last week
    Doing some watercolor painting
    Taking Miss C to visit a friend who lives up there
    Taking the ferry over to Port Townsend to visit friends and poke around
    Hanging with a friend who will come over from Seattle for a few days
    Possibly meeting up with a very dear girl who is like a sister to Miss C -- from the same orphanage in China!
    Eating some great fresh seafood
    Wandering along the beach and picking up driftwood bits and sea shells

I have no idea how I can pack it all in, but I will surely try. Oh, and I guess we'll probably see some holiday fireworks in there, too!

Have a great holiday, and be sure to squeeze in some summer daydreaming time for yourself, too!


  1. If you are in the Portland area at lunchtime or need a break, I'd love to meet up!

  2. We're going to be up in Port Townsend for a family reunion next week, too. We're boarding a sleeper car on Amtrak on Tues. night. Have a great time! Who knows, we might bump into each other at the bookstore in Port Townsend!

    1. Oh how fun, Maureen! Love the Amtrack idea! I'll be looking for you when I'm in PT!

  3. It sounds like a très beau programme! Bonnes vacances!

  4. Yes, what Terry said. I would love a short visit with you and Miss C. I am just starting to get out and about after my surgery.