Sunday, July 31, 2005

Summer Sunday

I tried to warn you when the summer started. Life has no schedule or structure...which can be good, and it can be frustrating. I find I'm not getting a lot of some things done (I'm LONGING for time at my sewing machine), but I'm spending a lot of time with Roger and Caroline. So, that's good.

I woke up to cool, slightly foggy weather this morning, and as I sat outside and sipped my coffee and threw the tennis ball for Gemma, I figured that it'd be good weather to fill in some of the perennials that have died. We have a very young garden, and I'm still filling in spaces. I'd really like a crowded English cottage garden, blowsy with flowers and bumble bees and butterflies...I'm about 1/2 way there, I'd say, maybe a bit less.

Well, by the time I got breakfast stuff cleaned up (our dishwasher is acting strange, so I had to -- gasp -- wash dishes by hand!!!) and went to the local hardware store for plants, it was sunny and warm...and by the time I was outside on my knees, trowel in hand, it was HOT. REALLY hot. I got stuff planted (all except for one little black-eyed susan that I set in place but forgot to actually plant) and then I couldn't wait to get inside and take a cold shower.

I have to say that it was pretty amusing that every time I dug a hole, Gemma was right there to stick her nose in there. Canine companionship is a delightful thing, but geez, there's such a thing as TOO CLOSE.

Inspired by the foggy morning, I'd put country-style pork ribs in the crock pot with a favorite asian-style sauce. So the house smelled yummy all day, and when it came time to have dinner, and I was too tired to cook, I didn't have to. I do love that crockpot, as utterly suburban house-wifey as that sounds.

I was going to write the other night about the grand, productive time I was having printing out the foundations for my Cinco de Mayo paper-pieced quilt. A while back, I ordered a ream of unlined newsprint on line (really cheap, from a school-supply place...ask me if you want to know where I got it and I'll hunt it down). So, I loaded up the printer, popped in the CD-rom I'd gotten with all of Karen Stone's quilts on it from the EQ5 people, and away I went. I was so thrilled that I was making my own foundations on easily-tearable paper... When my printer started making this horrid, screeching sound. After much experimenting and online research, I determined that the motor has burned out. This is, actually, no huge surprise as it's a very old printer and I've churned out massive quantities of paper on it. Goodbye, HP've been a good little printer. (And I managed to print out enough foundations to keep me sewing for a while!)

Still, that launched me into more research into what printer to buy next. I do tons of text stuff, but want to do some color occasionally so I'm shopping for low-end color laser printers. I've read so many reviews and opinions that NONE of them sound good any more.

Ah well. Does Bermina make printers?


  1. Hi Diane,

    I, too, LOVE the crockpot. Haven't used it yet this summer, but looking forward to getting it out again. Today I'm going to make a wonderful cold cherry almond soup and arugula and warm mozzarella salad from my favorite cookbook, The Moosewood Restaurant Daily Special.

    And that screeching printer sound happened to me the other day when I treated a bunch of fabric with Bubble Jet Set, ironed it onto freezer paper and tried to print out photos. Just that one of my mother came out, all the others got jammed and ruined. I'm sure Gloria Hanson knows what kind of printer to buy...she always posts to the quilt art list. When I get off this lazy streak, I'll ask her.

  2. Diane, there are quite a few used and refurb 4Ls available on eBay for ridiculously low prices. I have one also and was looking for a legal-size paper tray for it.

    Why not get a cheap used 4L while you look for a new color printer?

  3. Lol. You sound like me - It was an easy choice to buy Husquavarna for my sewing machine, since I had had such feelings about my old chainsaw! Bernina doesn't know what they are missing by only making sewing machines! ;)