Thursday, May 22, 2008

Loaded Up

Well, who'd have thought? Quilting content!
I've been wanting to quilt this simple top I pieced to give to my mother in law, who gave me some beautiful batik fabric she bought in Bali years and years ago. So, today I finally got it onto the Hinterberg frame. But it was one of those processes where one thing led to another....
I've not done enough on the frame to be really confident about the process of putting the quilt on. So, I remembered I'd bought a video to help me through the process, called "I've got a Longarm and I'm Not Afraid to Use it!" And watching that showed me that I had to make an adjustment in the frame itself, so I did that....
Then, all ready to go, I started in sewing...and shredded thread and broke 3 needles. AARRGH. After various adjustments, I got it all going smoothly. Phew.
So is this frame thing faster? So far, not for me. But maybe it will be one of these days.


  1. As a longarm quilter for 6 plus years, I can tell you that some days are just like that. It took MONTHS before I felt like I knew what I was doing.

    It does get better. And some days it is worse again.....

  2. The more you use it the better it gets! You just have to learn the "special needs" of your machine. You can only do that with lots of practice. I love that quilt you have loaded!

  3. Love your quilt Diane! Wonderful colors! Batiks on the system can present a whole new set of circumstances than regular cottons do. If you haven't been over the homequiltingsystems group at Yahoo for awhile, come take a look. WOW quilting is now stretching Brother machines, and I know you've been interested in getting a larger machine for you frame. I'm quilting today too---a Quilt of Valor top that was sent to me by a 91 year old veteran from WW II to quilt. So far he has made 45 tops for the organization. Amazing! The frame thing gets better, and faster with time and practice. I promise......

  4. I love the colors of that quilt. You can do this thing of long-arm quilting......think positive....I think I can...I think I can.
    Good luck.