Saturday, May 17, 2008

A thoughtful discussion of race, gender, and politics

I've always liked Bill Moyers, and if I'm cruising the tv to find something to watch before bedtime, I'll check out "Bill Moyers Journal" on PBS to see who he's talking to.

Last night, I found him interviewing two UC Berkeley law professors, Christopher Edley and Maria Echaveste who also happen to be husband and wife. Edley is a senior advisor to the Obama campaign, and Echaveste advises Hillary Clinton. So the discussion focused on their views of the candidates and how race and gender issues are playing out in this campaign.

It was an amazing, common sense and informative discussion of the candidates -- I was so impressed at both of these people, and the calm, humorous and down to earth way in which they talked about how race and gender have affected people's views of the candidates.

It's well worth the 30 minutes to listen to this interview, which you can watch here or download from Itunes.

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  1. I saw this as well and liked hearing their views...for the past 3 Fridays I've watdched Bill Moyers and am now calling Fridays my date night with Bill.