Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fruits, veggies, and nuts

Thanks for all of your nice comments about my fruits-and-veggies-in-progress quilt. I'm in a mode where I want the color and pattern of the fabric to be the focus, with really simple shapes in the quilt structure. So I'm liking this.

After working all morning, while Caroline played on the computer and chattered away to me, I amused myself by rearranging the fruit and veggie diamonds to try different color combinations. I did it over and over. Hence the nuts. Not in the quilt, I mean ME. Good thing I'd posted a picture of my first layout, as I decided I like that best and then redid it. I think I have enough diamonds cut to make two of these. At least.

But you can't have too much fruit and vegetables, right?


  1. The UK government recommends at least five portions a day - so you're way ahead (tongue firmly in cheek here) :o)

  2. I really like the photo you posted of the fruit and veggie layout. It seems a perfect use and design for those fabrics. I know what you mean about the photos, I always take a lot of photos of my work in progress, and it's good thing, because I also fuss and fume and rearrange -- and then often end up realizing what I did first, maybe instinctually, was best!