Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pointless Sisters' work

No quilting activity from me today, as I spent the day cleaning a big closet and various drawers. I'm in spring -- um, fall -- cleaning mode around here.

However, Ann H., the official photographer of our guild's art group (aka The Pointless Sisters) sent me a disk of photos from the last few meetings, as I'd promised to post them here. The Pointless Sisters is a subgroup of the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild, and it's open to anyone in the guild who is interested in art or contemporary or non-traditional quilts. It's a diverse group, and we have fun show-and-tell sessions.

Ann W.'s piece (from a Sue Benner workshop, I believe):

Caroline's appliqued and hand-quilted masterpiece, which is hanging at the Quilt Festival in Houston as I write this:

I don't know who made this, I'm sorry to say, but it's cool, isn't it?

A small landscape by someone (sorry, missed this meeting!)

Jane's fractured landscape:

Jane's play with dimension:

A broderie perse fence scene by Caroline:

Cathy Z's split circles

Janet's arabic lattice (notice all those coffee fabrics):

Janet's Twisted Sister quilt (she's in a long-time minigroup called the Twisted Sisters so this was perfect for her)

Selma's result from a workshop with Karen Combs at our guild

Genie's asian fabric quilt

Sandy's applique in progress



  1. You have a talented group of women there. I am impressed.

  2. I love show and tell!!!

  3. Thank you for posting these!! Love seeing the work of my "old" friends!!

  4. Wow that arabic lattice quilt is a knockout!!!

  5. Anonymous5:54 PM

    I am taking a landscape quilt workshop this weekend...hope I can create one that looks like a picture....I just can't wait