Saturday, December 02, 2006

Odds and Ends

Thanks for all the nice comments about my red and white house blocks. They've been fun to make.

And about those blocks? Some time ago (over a year, probably) I bought this set of templates thinking it'd make the house-construction easy. So, last weekend I pulled them out to use them. Well, although the package doesn't say this anywhere on the outside, these templates only work for the traditional style house if you applique several components. Frankly, this hugely irritates me. The block is perfectly piece-able, and the package didn't provide any clue about this change in construction technique.

So, after some fiddling (and concluding that I was too spacy to try to draft a new block) I found a paper-pieced schoolhouse block, a freebie on the Quilters Newsletter site. So I was able to forge ahead, without that nasty need to cut precise shapes ahead of time.

Meanwhile, on another note, the cats are enjoying our new sofas.

I'm getting really good at getting the cat off in a flash, by the way.

At least Willow cooperates by snuggling on the washable throw. (Isn't it gorgeous?) Posted by Picasa


  1. That throw is indeed gorgeous. Did you make it? It is irritating to buy something and find it's not exactly what you wanted. Your houses turned out great anyway.

  2. I've been collecting red & whites for a few years too. I collect R&W Staffordshire china and had visions of doing something like a Dresden plate with them some day. Your schoolhouse blocks caused me to rethink, and I was examining your pics to see how the Y-seams were handled. I sure don't want to applique or do set-in seams, and I too believe it can be machine-pieced. I was wondering what your pattern/technique was, so it's nice of you to clarify. I sure won't buy those templates and for saving me the wasted money, I thank you!

  3. Anonymous7:51 PM

    I love that throw and I am finding myself drawn strongly to chocolate and aqua at the moment. Gorgeous. And lovely puss too!

  4. Very classy throw indeed. I'd just sit under it for hours if I were you!

  5. I love that throw...can you share the source?

  6. The throw is from Target! (Online, that is...I don't know if it's available in stores). What a find, eh?

  7. Pretty couch and a pretty throw.