Saturday, February 24, 2007

One Important Cookie

A while ago, I wrote about how Roger's Human Sexuality textbook was finally finished and back from the printers and ready for sale to college students. The publication of of this book is a Very Big Deal to us, and we're pleased to find that it's apparently a Very Big Deal for his publisher, Prentice Hall, too.

My Very Famous Author husband was invited to the publisher's big sales meeting, to talk about the book for the sales reps who would be sent out to colleges to persuade professors to adopt the book for their classes. He came home very impressed and pleased at how P-H is so diligently and creatively publicizing his book.

Well, imagine our amusement last week when THIS arrived in the mail:

It's the rather huge poster from one of the sales meeting events (an outdoor barbecue dinner "under the stars") where Roger talked. At that meeting, they were serving cocktails chosen for each of the books they were promoting. Notice that Roger's book's "signature drink" was "Sex on the Beach"!!

That poster has provided plenty of amusement around here, especially as Willow, one of our two cats, gets totally freaked and totally puffs out her fur every time she sees Roger's picture on the poster.

But then this week, another package arrived from a bakery back east. We couldn't figure who sent it or what it might be... And it turned out to be this:

It's a Valentine's Day tin of cookies from Prentice Hall! Look at that! And yep, you're right... half of the cookies are frosted with the cover of Roger's Human Sexuality textbook!

Is this funny or what? We've not tasted them yet (I insisted that we wait until I had time to photograph them) but the box says they're "as delicious as they are pretty." We'll soon see. I'm thinking I'll heavily shellac one as an amusing keepsake (A Christmas ornament, maybe?!)...unless they're especially delicious and we can't help ourselves from eating all of them. And I guess we'll wash them down with some "Sex on the Beach." To drink, I mean.


  1. Congrats to Roger, and to you for going along for the journey.

    Those are GREAT cookies...betcha you can't eat 'em...

  2. FANTASTIC Diane! Love the favourite cocktail and the cookies are hilarious - great publishers though!

  3. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Whaat a hoot! What is next - a stint on Oprah!!

  4. Anonymous4:01 PM

    that is Super!!! Congratulations!!
    What a smile the poster must bring! Are those Elenie's cookies? they make the BEST cookies, check the web site, they are works of art!
    Enjoy this proud moment! P.S.Love the new quilt!!