Monday, May 07, 2007

Random thoughts

It was a hodge-podge weekend around here. And in keeping with that theme, here are some miscellaneous things on my mind:

1. Did you know you can get a great deal on replacement rotary cutter blades on Ebay? I need new blades, and was going to send off my used ones to that guy who sharpens them...but I nixed that plan when I learned that even that costs $3 per blade. There are lots of deals on Ebay where you can get brand new Olfa replacement blades for around $2 per blade. Bargain!

2. In the new guilty pleasures file, I have just discovered "Tori and Dean: Inn Love" on the Oxygen channel. I find this show hilarious, and mostly unintentionally so. It features Tori Spelling and her new husband as they move "to the country" (ie, Temecula) from LA to open a fancy, cool, trendy bed and breakfast and live a "quiet" life. There are lots of vastly entertaining moments, where the rich city girl discovers life as normal people know it. ("What? There aren't any restaurants that DELIVER?") I think I find this so amusing because it reminds me of my college dorm experience, where I lived with a bunch of girls straight from Beverly Hills High School. I remember writing home to my mom within the first few weeks that I'd met a girl who didn't know how to make her bed. And frankly, Tori seems a lot nicer and more practical (in a very impractical sort of way) than the girls I knew.

3. I got to watch the Kentucky Derby while I was mid-way through Dick Francis' newest novel, Under Orders. I felt like a racing insider with all my Dick-Francis-acquired racing knowledge. I looked at the race in a very different way.

4. I'm listening these days to a lot of Alice Peacock. If you don't know her, she's sort of a cross between Sheryl Crow and Sarah McLachlan. If you want to sample her music, go here and scroll down to listen to a few songs. My favorite right now is "I'll Start with Me," which is a wonderful political statement that I find inspiring. And check out "Parallel Life," and "Leading with my Heart."

5. A little boy in our neighborhood, age 6, keeps dropping in to see if Caroline can play. The funny and rather adorable thing is that he pronounces "C" as "T." So, when asking for Caroline, he says "Tan Taroline tome out and play?" He's a very articulate kid, in terms of vocabulary, and he's really earnest in his delivery. He stopped by the other day, when Caroline wasn't home, and said "Tell Taroline I won a tontest!" Cute, cute, cute.

6. It's hot today, supposed to be up in the 90's. I think this means grilled fish tacos for dinner. I'll grill some fish and serve it with chopped lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, and spicy ranch dressing. And maybe there'll be a margarita involved too.

Happy Monday!


  1. And its even cost effective to get the cutter blades on ebay mailed out to us in New Zealand - also bulk packets of sewing machine needles and bobbins. Dinner sounds yummy but we are starting to dig out our soup recipes now as winter takes hold. :-)

  2. Thanks for the tip about the rotary cutter blades. I always baby mine because they are so darn expensive to replace.

  3. Thanks for your comments about my book! I'd love to send you one, just email me I'm looking for some "reviews" for my account, so if you like it, please send me some comments.

    We seem to have a lot in common! Busy moms, quilters, artists, readers. I need to come back to your blog soon and spend more time, but as I spin through I see lots of common interests--adoption, dying fabric, wine, margaritas! Even paying attention to the way kids talk. My first two kids had trouble with "l" and "y". I thought it was very interesting, that around age 3-5, neither could say "yellow," but one said lellow and the other said "yeyyow." Do you ever read Barbara Kingsolver? In The Bean Trees, she writes toddler talk exactly the way it sounds.

    Well, I have kids to get ready for school. Happily it's my day "off" so I don't need to rush as much as usual. Somehow days off tend to be way too busy. Please let me know if you'd like a book!

  4. Another rotary blade source is The Sewing Palace - 5 45mm blades for 12.95, postage paid. NAYY - I've used them for years and have had only great service from them!