Sunday, September 23, 2007

Coffee Break

In an effort to make myself try new techniques and push myself a bit more creatively, I've managed to get myself into two journal-quilt type groups. Luckily for me, one is monthly and the other is every other month, so I have some leeway.

Anyway, in my monthly group, the theme we were given is "Coffee and Cream." This immediately brought to mind the show I'd stumbled on a while back on the Food Network, where baristas (baristi?!) competed for title of Best Latte Artist.

So, I started hunting around and found some inspirational photos of latte art.

And while I was doing this, I found myself humming a favorite childhood song of mine (thanks to the "Sing Along with Mitch" album my parents had) -- "You're the cream in my coffee, you're the lace in my shoe... You will always be my necessity, I'd be lost without you." I loved that song. I figured that the lyrics had to be in there, also.

I selected a coffee cup to use as my guide, and I fiddled around in my amateurish way using Photoshop to get a line drawing and Microsoft Publisher to see how it'd look with text behind it, and I got to this rough design place...

Well, I said it was ROUGH.

Yesterday, I experimented with writing with a bleach pen on fabric, thinking that might be a way to incorporate the lyrics onto the background fabric.

Um, NO. By the time the bleach absorbed it was just unidentifiable blobs. I didn't know the bleach pen would have gel bleach stuff. But I didn't like the effect anyway, so I've abandoned the bleach idea for another project.

I moved on to painting fabric and then printing words on via the computer...and I like that much better. Today's about moving forward and hopefully finishing... More to come!


  1. i like your ideas. looking forward to seeing your progress

  2. Anonymous3:01 PM

    This is so cool! I hope you'll show us when you get it figured out. It combines two of my favorite things: coffee and fabric!