Sunday, October 19, 2008

Book Review: Kaffe Fassett's Country Garden Quilts

You know I love quilt books. But you know whose books I love more than any others? Kaffe Fassett's. Yep, I have every one. And I will probably buy every one that comes out until the day I die. I love how he uses pretty simple quilt patterns to make unusual quilts that just sing with his personality and vision. I love how his fabric choices create a riot of color and pattern. I love how he photographs the quilts, so that each quilt is styled in a perfectly accompanying setting.
So imagine my extreme delight when I spotted Kaffe Fassett's Country Garden Quilts this weekend at the Pacific International Quilt Festival, in the Stitchin' Post booth. I lunged straight for it with a big gasp (to the lady with the blue quilted tote bag: Sorry!) and pretty much dashed for the register. I didn't need to pre-view it. I knew I'd want it. And the whole rest of the afternoon, even while viewing amazing quilts and fondling beautiful fabric, I was looking forward to getting to my parents' house (conveniently located within 20 minutes of the show site), parking myself in the comfy blue recliner, and having a good look.
I was not disappointed. I like this assortment of quilts better than the ones in the last book, for some reason. This book (like the last few) feature quilts by some other designers (using Kaffe's fabric) -- Pauline Smith, Roberta Horton, Mary Mashuta, even english crafty blogger Jane Brocket. The Pauline Smith called "Blooms" just makes my heart sing -- reds and lavenders and blues and happy flowers... A wonderful medallion one by Kaffe called "Knot Garden" that I want to make... An intricate nine-patch wonder that has all sorts of sub-patterns going on... I pretty much want to make every quilt in the book.
I have to say that it surprises me that the techniques they teach for making these quilts involves tracing the templates at the back of the quick cutting or strip techniques here, even though I think they're easily usable on these quilts. Maybe because he and Liza Lucy fussy cut every piece? It seems sort of outdated. And, as much as I like Kaffe's fabrics, I would like to see him include a few others in the book. I like them, but the quilts would be just as stunning with other fabrics and pattern options.
I'll report in the quilt show later, when I'm rested. I'm still in a visual daze, after all of those impressive quilts!

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  1. Oh....I was kind of thinking I didn't need to buy this one, but after reading your post, I see that I do need to buy it... His quilts are so glorious!