Friday, August 14, 2009

No School Allowed

Hey, school administrator people! Listen up! The month of August is still summer! And August is for sand-between-the-toes, and catching butterflies in the backyard, and riding bikes around the neighborhood at dusk, and eating ice cream cones.

It is not for starting school. What are you people, crazy?

Summer ends with Labor Day. And THEN school can start.


[Roger starts back at school today, with classes starting on Monday...]


  1. Our kids go back on Aug 24... which is good with me. But, I agree. I've been reading about people who went back last week. Wow.

  2. Ridiculous I agree!

  3. In Germany, August was definitely sand in your toes summer, but apparently, in Hawaii, summer is in July. My kids have been back to school for 10 days now.

  4. Hear, hear! (We started this week.)

  5. school officials are just a bunch of vacation spoilsports... what if they gave a class and no one came...

  6. I so agree with you. Even the TV weatherman said that summer is over and I was yelling at the TV "IT'S STILL SUMMER, YOU IDIOT!" We are on vacation in MD: we don't have kids anymore so we didn't know it was fall already. LOL