Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Coffee, Please!

I feel as if I am slogging through mud. I wake in the morning and have the urge to just stay in bed all day. I am tempted to wander around the house in my cozy bathrobe and Ugg boots, with occasional collapses onto the couch to rest after the exertion of going downstairs.

In contrast to my external lack of energy, my brain can't stop the whirls of color and pattern flying by. I lay in bed at night and think about quilts I saw, what to do with that one piece of fabric I've had in my closet for the last year, how to finish the border on an almost-done top that is folded on the UFO pile.

And the reality is that once I'm upright each morning, I have to force myself to the computer, open up my work files, and turn down the volume on the right side of my brain so I can summon some lawyerly thinking to deal with the pile of work on my desk. I'm analyzing the legal definition of criminal negligence and trying to ignore the thoughts about how to quilt my pink quilt top as they fly past my inner eye.

So here I sit, yellow pads of paper scattered to the sides of my keyboard. I'm getting down to work. Just ignore the doodles of quilting designs all over them, okay?


  1. You have your pink piece ready to quilt? Argh! I have an idea.

    I was feeling this way for awhile, but I seem to have come out of it.

  2. No, not THAT pink quilt -- another big pieced quilt I'm making, just because...

  3. Oh Oh Oh, how often I feel this exact way. In fact I once sent back a brief to instructing solicitors with a copy of Quilting Arts inside it and they kindly sent it to Chambers. So of course everyone got to see what I had done! Many designs have been drawn on court lists and today I sat on a conference platform in a London townhall in front of 250 people and read Fibre Arts. (My collegaue was speaking at the time.).... oh you are not going to belive this - my word verification for this comment is.... unplay. How uncanny is that?

  4. I think it is the weather: I have been feeling the same way. And, I am retired and don't have any "work" I am supposed to be doing. lol