Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sweetie

Today is Caroline's 14th birthday.  And just yesterday, I came across a box of photos from when she was around 2 years old.  Here she is, on the left in the checked jacket, with her good friend Abby (who is from the same city and orphanage in China as Caroline).  Aren't they adorable?

It's amazing to realize they are teenagers now.  Here they are now (well, last summer when we visited these lovely friends in Maine), enjoying strawberry sundaes.

Celebrations for today include cake-baking (with decorations by Caroline, the more garish the better), present opening, and a chinese food dinner out with her dear friend Lani and family.  Oh, and cake EATING.  I almost left out a key part.

And happy birthday to Annie Smith (of Quilting Stash podcast fame) and my friend Pam M.  Lots of wonderful people were born today!


  1. Hippo Birdy to Caroline and doesn't her mom have one coming up soon?

  2. Yep, my turn is Sunday. And I'm getting my own non-child-decorated cake, heavy on the chocolate!

  3. Happy Birthday to Caroline! That top photo of the two little girls is certainly adorable and they have become lovely teenagers. Can you believe how quickly children grow up? It is breathtaking.

  4. Happy Birthday, Caroline!
    She is beautiful, Diane--then and now. I can't believe how fast time goes by...

  5. Happy Birthday to Caroline. And how wonderful is it that these two girls are still in touch after so many years?!