Friday, April 23, 2010

Return to Normal

I am back home after 4 days of delirious fun at the ranch retreat.  Pictured above is the main house at the ranch.  We used to sew there, but now there's a gorgeous new pavilion that can hold all of us, our machines, irons, lights and cutting tables, so we are there.   Some of the attendees still stay overnight in this gorgeous old building.

It is hard to describe the utter delight of a retreat with women you adore.  We chattered, sewed, laughed, showed-and-told, and ate delicious food.  There was much hilarity, many hugs, and I am already looking forward to October's retreat.

Each April, we do a challenge where someone chooses a fabric which the participants must incorporate in any way they like into a quilt.  This April's challenge involved two fabrics-- a black and white print, and a red tone on tone.  Here is my entry:

I used Susan Carlson's "Free Style Quilting" method to make this fellow and had a very good time.  The lettering, you might remember, wasn't the smoothest process but the result was okay.  And, remarkably, the resident artist at the ranch, the very very talented Lisa Thorpe, wanted this guy so we arranged for an artwork trade! 

Oh -- Hello to Elaine!  Elaine is a blog reader who attended the retreat for the first time and, I hope, will return for more fun in the future.  It was great to meet you!

Now -- off to unpack and make some sense of my sewing room...


  1. Lucky you to get some Lisa art. She s lucky to - love the chicken. You might have been able to barter it for health care if you had kept it! LOL

  2. my portrait fish is made Susan Carlson style. love your chicken!

  3. Hi Diane,
    It was nice to meet you too!
    My blog is

    I hope that works.
    I am having withdrawels. Back to work today.

  4. Love the chicken! It has a great graphic quality. I love that you get to barter with it too. Swaps are always so much fun.

  5. Very fun and "plucky" chicken! I love the Free Style book by SC and have taken several classes from her. Great composition!