Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Small Peanuts

Seems like my days have been occupied with all sorts of mundane errands, and nothing exciting enough to warrant a blog entry.  Amid the usual family stuff, I've been trying to weed out some of the stuff that accumulates around me.  As I write this the back of my car has a few bags and boxes for Goodwill, and the garbage bin is half-full.

In my closet-tidying, I came across some packets of pre-cut quilt squares that my local guild puts together for assembly into charity quilts.  And yesterday -- a gray, rainy day -- I had a peaceful afternoon stitching up three (count em!  3!) quilt tops to be donated to a community charity.  I enjoyed the rhythm of feeding squares through the machine and am pleased to have another thing out of the closet.  And of course the Peanuts fabric was fun to work with, even if it wasn't anything I would ever have chosen.  Very satisfying! 

And speaking of Peanuts, I just learned about a program in California organized by the California Association of Museums to get a California license plate with Snoopy on it.  You may recall that Snoopy was born in Petaluma (about 30 miles north of San Francisco -- about 30 minutes south of where I live) at the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.  His creator, Charles Schultz, lived in Santa Rosa which houses the Charles Schultz Museum (which is totally fun) and Snoopy's Home Ice Arena.  So it makes me happy to think that one of these days I could have Snoopy doing his original happy dance on my very own car.

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