Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Exploring

I seem to have been struck by one of those not-quite-the-flu crud illnesses in which you are not full out feverish and retching sick, but where you feel like that might be just around the corner. So I have been coddling myself with lots of sleep and reading and hot tea and vegetable soup, and now that I'm feeling an eensy bit better I thought I'd share some of the blogs I read that make me happy every day, no matter how I feel.  A lot of you probably know the art quilty ones, so I thought I'd share some of the not-so-fabric related ones:

Vivian Swift: How I Make Moutains Out of My Molehill Life:  How could you not love a blog with a subtitle like that?  Vivian is 1) a very funny woman, and 2) a talented watercolor painter who shares painting tips, and 3) an author who talks about her writing experiences and 4) someone I'd just love to hang out with.

Hooked on Houses:  This is the best house porn ever. Julia writes about celebrity houses.  She tracks down the houses that we see on TV shows and in movies, gives close looks at beautiful sets (I was drooling over the house in the Meryl Streep movie It's Complicated -- there it all is, for endless scrutiny.)  She features bad MLS listing photos (go on, you KNOW you want to look...) 

Tiny Red:  Thereza is an illustrator and graphic designer in London who does the most wonderful art.  Go look.   It'll make you smile.

That is Priceless:  Old master paintings with truly funny captions by comedy writer Steve Melcher. 

Color Me Katie:  Katie is a photographer and artist in NYC who loves color and fun and photographs what she does with both. 

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman:  If you haven't discovered Ree Drummond's blog about life and motherhood on a cattle ranch, you should go look.  It'll make you smile.

Daisy Yellow:  Great art journaling inspiration here!

Feel free to mention some of your favorite blog destinations in the comments!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Diane! So nice of you to include my blog in this list. :)

  2. Great blogs! Here's another wise/funny one I like: