Saturday, March 03, 2012

Out of the Comfort Zone

If you find yourself in Northern California, anywhere near Ukiah (which is straight up Highway 101 from San Francisco, just beyond Sonoma County, on the edge of Menocino County), I urge you to go visit this beautiful exhibit of art quilts at the Grace Hudson Museum.  I attending the opening of the show last night, and served as a juror for the exhibit, and so I can say with assurance that there are some stunning quilts in this exhibit. The theme for the show is "Out of the Comfort Zone," and there is a good array of work with different styles and materials.

After carefully examining the slides during the jurying process, I so enjoyed seeing the quilts in person.  Despite how detailed slide images are, they just can't measure up to seeing the real thing!  I was especially delighted to meet the artists.  I talked at length with Lisa Bowles, a young artist whose pieces you can see here (Vegas the Wonder Dog) and here (Point of Departure) and ended up spending my juror's honorarium on another small piece of hers!  I also so enjoyed meeting Leila Kazimi, whose quilt "Messenger" won first prize (it's on that link page if you scroll down).

So if you're up for a trip to Ukiah, the exhibit is worthwhile -- as is the rest of the museum which is a little gem of history.  While you're up that way, you can find delicious sushi at Oco Time, or have a bistro dinner at Patrona's (which is what we did after the show.  Asian chili cod dinner to DIE for!)

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